Don Pizzi - Editor, Pain Medicine News

"Since I began covering the American Pain Society in 2009, I have enjoyed a tremendous working relationship with Weber & Associates. Chuck Weber is as good a public relations man as there is; his writing is top notch, the press conferences he sets up show a true "finger on the pulse" of what interests the pain medicine community, and he goes out of his way to help set up interviews or get us whatever we need to assure Pain Medicine News readers high-quality APS coverage. Weber & Associates is always a pleasure with which to work."

Bob McGonnagle - Publisher, CAP Today (College of American Pathologists)

"I’ve been privileged to work with Chuck Weber for many years. He’s filled a variety of roles in that time: corporate PR head, director for a global PR firm, independent consultant and teacher. Chuck has always shown the utmost understanding of how and why PR can work to a client’s advantage, along with a knack for understanding each media vehicle (and the unique values, needs and operations of any given channel or title) in the client’s relevant market. And he brings these skills and understanding to bear in practical ways that produce tangible results."

Erin Abbey - Public Relations Manager, Fortune 500 Company

"Working with Chuck for more than two years as our PR consultant was a fruitful and ideal relationship. He truly was an extension of our very small PR team. Working with Chuck was seamless as he knows the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry well and has valuable insight into what will be newsworthy. He handles all logistics including writing, approvals and distribution as well as follow up with key reporters. Our relationship with Chuck was for media relations surrounding meetings as well as ongoing media outreach and a press release distribution plan. We received ongoing positive media coverage from top tier media due to his contacts and relationships. Working with Chuck was so helpful and I can only hope for the opportunity to do so again."

Max G. Moses - Director of Communications and Marketing, American Academy of Implant Dentistry

"Chuck is effective and efficient. He is easy to work with, delivers on time, and attains results. What is even better is that he tells us what we need to do rather than what we think we want to do."

Michael McLaughlin - Co-founder, Trees That Feed Foundation

"Chuck has been working with Trees That Feed Foundation for one year. He has elevated our social media profile tremendously. He is a consummate PR professional, an enthusiastic collaborator and a great teacher. He’s easy to work with and he’s given us tons of ideas and a mature perspective. Highest endorsement!"

Gina Steiner - Communications Director for a national medical organization

"I’ve worked with Chuck in various roles supporting the complex PR needs of high-profile national medical organizations and companies. Whether he’s leading a team or creating collateral, he digs deep and applies his highly developed skills to strategic advantage. From media relations to content generation to game-changing PR strategy, Chuck knows how to get the job done."

Don Braakman - Retired Senior Director, public affairs

"During my tenure as director of global communications for one of the world’s leading diagnostics businesses, Chuck was instrumental in helping us build our reputation as a premier health care company. Chuck’s depth of experience, quick mind and writing talent gives him the unique ability to deliver superior results on a wide range of levels – from strategy development to tactical execution."